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No Winterthur Chess Week 2013/2014
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Dear chess players,

The Winterthur Chess Federation (SVW) discontinues the organisation of the Winterthur Chess Week in the years 2013 and 2014.

The SVW is unable to provide the human resources and the venue for this year’s edition of this traditional event; in 2014, the Winterthur Chess Week would coincide with the Swiss Single Championships which will then take place in Bern as part of the 125th anniversary of the Swiss Chess Federation. The SVW will evaluate and communicate in due time whether the Winterthur Chess Week will be held again in 2015.

We would like to thank everyone involved for the continuing loyalty and the confidence shown to us in the past years.

Tight win for GM Perunovic
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

The winners of the Master Open: GM Mikhail Ulybin (2nd), GM Milos Perunovic (1st) und GM Evgeny Gleizerov (3rd)

GM Milos Perunovic (SRB) has been best in the final race, winning the tournament, closely followed by GM Mikhail Ulybin and GM Evgeny Gleizerov. In the last round, Ulybin had to accept a draw against Dennis Kaczmarczyk who is the one and only among the untitled players to have finished amidst the gandmasters. Further prize ranks: GM Danilo Milanovic, Dennis Kaczmarczyk, GM Dejan Pikula, Patrick Eschmann, Geoffrey Myers, Gabriel Gähwiler (best Junior), and Davide Arcuti. Further ranking see table.

The special prizes in the Master Open are won by: WFM Julia Novkovic (best Lady), GM Dejan Pikula (Checkmate prize), Davide Arcuti (best Junior) und Carmi Haas (best Senior)

Special prizes for players outside the prize ranks: Davide Arcuti (best Junior). WFM Julia Novkovic (best lady), Carmi Haas (best Senior), Parvis Nabavi (best u2200).

Winners of the General Open: Heinz Ernst (2nd), Nicola Schmid (1st) and Lukas Schwander (3rd)

Winner of the General Open is Nicola Schmid from Zurich, winning six and drawing three games. Half a point back is Senior Heinz Ernst, third is Junior Lukas Schwander, one full point back. Further prize ranks: Kirivongkat Poun (former leader), Hans Joller, Peter Wallmüller, Alfred Pfleger, Leonard Züst, Thomas Wunderlin, and Alfred Dönni. Further ranking see table.

Special prizes for players outside the prize ranks: Martin Schweighoffer (best junior), Gilda Thode (beste lady), Heinz Iseli (best senior), Samyo Bounlom (best u1800), Rainer Roland (best u1600).

Prizes for the fastest checkmate per category, sponsored by Helvetia Haus, go to GM Dejan Pikula (1st round, checkmate in move 25) and to Hans Joller (2nd round, checkmate in move 12).

GM Milanovic Blitz Winner
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

Yesterday’s Blitz event has been won by GM Milanovic, the only one undefeated, with 8 points out of nine rounds. Second is GM Perunovic with 7,5 points. Untitled Jonas Lampert is excellent third, better than three players with GM, IM and FM titles. Further ranking see table.

Ulybin top again, first GM loss
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

Dennis Kaczmarcyk (Master Open, GER)

Well, it took a while, but in the eighth round it happened: a GM hast been defeated by an untitled player, that is, GM Pikula by Dennis Kaczmarczyk wo even had to play as Black. Ulybin only has to win the last round, but it has to be noted that his closest chasers both can play lower rated opponents than Ulybin’s.

In the General Open, Poun has caught up again, now leading together with Schmid and Joller. All three have equal points. In the last round, Schmid has the lowest rated opponent. But this has not much to say because every player sitting at a top board in the last round belongs to the strongest ones in this category.


Ulybin catches up again, hot Finish in the General Open
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

In the Master Open, GM Ulybin won against Lampert in the seventh round. Now he is joint leader with Gleizerov whereas Pikula is lagging now by a full point.

Yesterday a dead race, today the big launch of the finish in the General Open. Ex-Leader Poun has been taken by a new duo of leaders: Schmid and Joller, both with six points.

Gleizerow in the Master, nine draws in the General Open
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

Defeating Pikula in the sixth round, GM Evgeny Gleizerov is the second sole leader of the tournament. Will there be a third one? The situation in the front pack is so close that this would not be a real surprise.

In the General Tournament all nine games at the top boards have been drawn. Comment see yesterday.

Forfait wins Team Blitz
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

Team Forfait (Nuri, FM Schiendorfer, Gähwiler, Schärer) wins with 20 out of 22 possible points, followed very closely by Wurzelturm (rooted rook) – do they never castle? – (GM Jenni, Kaczmarczyk, Lang, Freuler) and with a 6 point lag by Glicoric 2 (GM Perunovic, Mikavica M, Rasovic, Mikavica D.). Further ranking see table.

Kirivongkat Poun with the maximum of points
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

Nothing new in the fifth round of the Master Open: The grandmasters drew each other, and one of them, Dejan Pikula, marked the full point against junior Gabriel Gähwiler.

Hans Joller (r.) – Kirivongkat Poun (l.) in the General Open

Thus it may be justified to put the focus on the General Open. Five rounds, five wins, five points for Kirivongkat Poun. He is sole leader at the moment. His closest chasers are Nicola Schmid and Hans Joller. Both of them have conceded only one draw.

Big gathering of leaders
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

Daniel Fischer, Winner of the Youth Open

In the fourth round, one preliminary decision has occurred, namely, that there is no such decision: All five Grandmasters have gathered at the top of the table, all within a tiny range of a half point. Ulybin may feel to ruminate this situation when he remembers the winning chances of a cyclist just having been caught up. Might the power of momentum prevail also in chess? The last half of the tournament will tell.

In the general tournament, we see a leading duo. Tomorrow is about the question if either Urs Leuenberger or Kirivongkat Poun will manage to become the solo leader or here, too, we see a big gathering.

Youth Open is finished. As expected, Daniel Fischer has won, without losing a single game. With excellent 6,5 out of 7 he is one full point in front of Hannah Minas, and two points ahead of David Walk. We are specially happy to see a girl in front of five boys. A sign of dawn for women’s chess? We hope so. Further ranking see table.

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Old Winner is New Leader
Posted on by Christian Bachmann

In the third round Mikhail Ulybin, this year again, has taken the lead, defeating GM Milanovic. All others in the Master Open have drawn at least once. Swiss Junior Gabriel Gähwiler, besides three grandmasters, is one of the closest chasers.

In the general tournament, all have taken their starting places for the real race which will be launched not before the second half of the tournament. The leaders? Still more than names that are worth to be mentioned here. Be patient, please, and this is, by the way, also a good suggestion when sitting at the boards.

In the youth tournament, five out of seven rounds have been played. Daniel Fischer is the clear leader. He has yet to play against two of the end of the table, thus it is very unlikely that he may be stopped from winning.

Gabriel Gähwiler (SUI) – Boris Haufler (SUI)



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