International Open (up to 2000)

aus dem Open 07

A picture taken from the 2007 edition of the Chess Week.

Since the 8th Winterthur Chess Week, the open tournament is played in two categories. The International Open is open to every chess player with an Elo up to 2000.

Further information on the tournament can be found in the invitation and the tournament schedule.

Previous winners

WSW 2011
(30+90 Teilnehmer)
Victor Dobroczy

Flagge England
Alfred Dönni,

WSW 2010
(39+79 participants)
Victor Dobroczy

Flagge Ungarn
Victor Dobroczy,

WSW 2009
(58+83 participants)
Wolfgang Heinisch

Flagge Oesterreich
Wolfgang Heinisch,

WSW 2008
(54+62 participants)
Ernst Krebser

Flagge England
Heinz Ernst,